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Rubber Profiles

With more and more industrial techniques, processes and quality developments, it has become very important for the industry to ensure that they are using materials that are of standard quality. Extruded profiles serve innumerable industrial requirements, which are not just basic requirements, but are a level up in terms of design, strength and sustainability.

Silicone Rubber Tubes

Manufactured to fine tolerances, the smallest silicone tubing is most commonly used as electrical sleeping, whilst midrange sizes are generally used to carry fluids and powders within the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. They have excellent weathering properties and resist UV, ozone, gases, moisture and extreme temperatures.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber materials allow flexible sealing capabilities and with excellent recovery capabilities regardless of the temperature extreme. Being both durable and flexible, the rubber material reduces noise and helps in vibration dampening. With a closed cell structure, the seal becomes completely protected especially in relation to fluids, dust, air and moisture.